I get so mad at myself every year for not finding out about this until its too late and this year I did it again! The X Games are back in town - starting today through Sunday August 1st. I have two boys who are die hard skate fans and skaters themselves. I know it's last minute and thankfully I won a pair of tickets so will be attending Sunday's events. For those who would like to attend last minute here is the link where you can find more information - I would post it, but there is just so much going on I thought it would be easier if I just gave you the direct link :)


***If you can't make it in person, you can always watch it on TV - I know that's what my sons will be doing for the next few days!! Catch it on ESPN - check you local guide for times and channels. whoohoo - now I'm putting this on my calender for next year to make sure I'm going to be prepared!! LOL!!

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